"To be able to sacrifice who you are today for what you’re willing to become tomorrow is perhaps the greatest act of courage. "

I am DiV3tran, previously known as Reggie Zippy, an unconventional Ghanaian-British dancehall and urban artist. My relationship with music has been a rollercoaster full of thrills and I have been blessed with uncountable opportunities from being a successful solo artist in Ghana with chart topping singles, albums and acclaimed Music Awards, to catapulting into the UK prime TV as a duo band with my close friend and signing a record deal followed by endorsement deals, touring around the country, performing in almost all the biggest UK arenas and releasing many singles and a debut album which featured the Jamaican Dancehall King ‘Beenie Man’ and other legendary artists.

As a consequence of the many ups, many lows also followed but through it all my connection to music has always kept me alive and believing in a brighter future with no regrets.

After 13 years of so many exciting and painful experiences I still feel like there is more to give and accomplish, after all I am still young and restless and nothing in the form of obstacles would stop me from achieving my biggest dreams.

Music is my religion and identity, without it, I am just a wandering generality.

My new name ‘DiV3tran’ represents my rebirth into the music scene with a higher purpose and maturity. I am a man with many scars on my back and joy in heart and I am ready to live my best life yet showcasing my rediscovered unique and lyrically honest sound.




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